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Click here for Lions Field Maintenance Guidelines

HOME TEAM dugout is on the 3rd base side
Byrnes Ridge fields #2 and #3, Tillet fields #2 and #4, Lyndora Park are NOT to be raked or dragged after practices and games.  PRCS will prepare those fields each day.
All other fields should be dragged after EVERY game and EVERY practice. The field MUST be left in playable condition after each game or practice.

  • HOME TEAM is responsible for dragging and lining the field before the games. 
  • HOME TEAM is responsible for dragging the field after the game. 
  • Rake / repair pitcher's mound (as needed) 

Pick-up and remove all trash from field after EVERY game and EVERY practice

  • BOTH TEAMS are responsible for trash in the dugouts and around the field. ALL trash must be removed from the fields immediately after each game.
  • Lions' fields should have the dugout trash cans emptied and placed in dumpster after each game.

VISITING TEAM is responsible for putting bases away (not including home plate).  If there are no base plugs, the bases should be left in place. DO NOT remove any mounts secured by spikes.  For fields configurable with multiple base paths (50', 60', 65' 70'), plug all anchors not in use during games and practices.

  • Lions Upper - 60' and 70' 
  • Byrnes 2/3 - 60' and 65' 
  • Mercer - 60' and 70' 
  • Flat fields - 50' and 60' (Hutchison 50' only) 

Lock storage box and lock rake and batter's box template to fence. Each field should have the following equipment:

  • Storage box with combination locks
  • Bike lock (for rake and batter's box template)
  • 1 field rake
  • 1 small field drag
  • 1 field liner
  • Base plugs (where used)
  • Batter's box template (where used)
  • Marking dust to line the field
  • Umpire gear (where used)
  • Trash bags

If you identify field equipment needs, include needed items on the game report and/or email

Managers are responsible for determining field status (if game-time decision). All game time decisions are based on safety and playability. Discretion must be used when determining whether to play or go home. If you step on a wet field and sink at all, the field is NOT playable. If you find standing water anywhere in the infield, the field is most likely not playable. If the field is simply wet, it could possibly be turned over by rake and made playable.
Any time you rake a wet field you should ALWAYS rake toward the mound and NEVER push or rake dirt or water into the outfield.